Glass brings a unique, modern atmosphere to interiors, emphasizing their character. At the same time, it is a subtle and durable material that will suit any arrangement, regardless of style. Thanks to our wide range of products and various glass types, our clients can choose the perfect solution for their home, no matter whether the glazing is inside or outside. Our products and solutions will allow you to create glazing tailored to your individual requirements, thus complementing your home and living space.

A minimalist aesthetic combined with innovative glass technology

Glazing that suits interiors and exteriors

Design combined with quality and safety

Highly appreciated products in this category


Glass balustrades are where minimalistic design meets security. Eye-catching glazing on balconies, terraces or windows brings a lightness to the facade or stairs and lets infinite amounts of natural light into your home.

Shower Glass

Glass Showers are an excellent and functional solution that suit any bathroom regardless of its style. Frameless glass or glass fixed in a stylish frame will transform any bathroom and optically enlarge it.

Walk on Glass

This type of glazing is perfect for those who want more light inside their homes. Made of toughened laminated glass, installed as one panel or a larger installation.  Glass floors are a safe, durable and impressive element of any design. A basement illuminated by light from the patio above it is sure to make an impression.

Frameless Solutions

Subtle frameless glazing, either in the form of an oriel window or an impressive glass structure, will completely change your home. Thanks to our knowledge and skills gleaned from years of experience, we can create any design you wish.

Glass Doors & Partitions

Offices, apartments or passageways between rooms – elegant glass walls and doors will match them all. Fixed with the help of modern, delicate fittings, they will suit any arrangement, creating an open, bright and contemporary space.

Splashbacks & Mirrors

Large, frameless mirror surfaces are often used in interior decoration. By reflecting light, they brighten the interior and create an illusion of spaciousness. Our wide selection of coloUred, painted glass will allow you to choose a glazing that perfectly complements your living space.

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